1. What is the minimum and maximum amount of the Loan?
The minimum loan is € 50 and the maximum assessment is set by the subject to be seized.

2. What is the maximum loan term?
The minimum loan is one month and a maximum 24 months.

3. What are the documents required for opening a process of credit?
In awarding the contract it is required the following documents:
For the National Citizens: Identity Card or Citizen Card accompanied by the Tax card.
For foreign citizens: residence permit, passport or other valid and Tax Card. Documentary evidence of address
Letters of guarantee: If there is present the invoice of purchase of the object.

4. How can I get in touch with your services?
You can contact us by phone at the agencies, all working days between 9h00 and 12h00 and 14h00 to 18h00 and on Saturdays between 9.00 and 13.00.

5. What is the date of payment of tuition?
The contract between the parties provides for the payment of interest monthly on the day corresponding to the day of signing the contract. Every month and the day that was made the loan. If this day is a weekend or holiday, moves to the next business day.

6. What are the costs of each operation?
Upon conclusion of the loan will be deducted from the value of the loan the following charges:
- Assessment rate of 1% on the assessed value of the object given as collateral;
- Interest on 1st month of the loan, charged on the loan amount and calculated on the rate.
- Stamp duty on the initial amount on the loan and interest according to law.
Monthly until the settlement date of the contract will be charged on the loan amount, interest rate-based effect.

7. It is possible to make partial or full repayments? What is the cost?
You can make partial capital repayments without any associated cost through interest payments that are overdue. It is also possible to make full early repayment without any associated cost, provided that there should be settlement of interest due.

8. Who makes the assessment of the objects?
The assessment is carried out by skilled professionals who are present in each of our shops.

9. What forms of payments of interest and depreciation there are?
Cash (visiting our shop);
Check up to EUR € 150;
Postal; Bank Transfer.