We have a qualified team with business experience that ensures the best ratings. We always defend the interests of customers.


We are transparent and rigorous on the assessments that we make, we do not try to overstate the pieces to collect exaggerated assessment fees.

Competitive Interest Rates

We do practice varying interest rates depending on the degree of coverage of the assessment.


SMS are sent periodically, showing the evolution of his contract. We also send regular letters with detailed information of your contract.


We are available to travel if necessary to make assessments at customers homes. We guarantee secrecy and confidentiality. Objects that can be given as Guaranty. Objects of gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, gemstones, watches of reputable brands and recognized value, Paintings and Works of Art.


Why the loans in gold?


We bet on Gold Recovery

The gold in the last five years has tripled in value. Make the most of the gold you have at home, not selling it, because doing so is getting rid of an asset that values over the years! Owning gold is to provide a financial cushion for you and your family.
The gold in times of crisis, works like a safe haven.


The pawn contract is concluded for the term you want, renewable for equal and successive periods up to a maximum of two years. Interest is charged monthly until the month in which to settle the contract. Rates are not annualized, and it is possible at any time redeem or repay the loan. There are no contracts or penalties for remaining "anticipated" amortizations.

The Importance of access to a Credit

No need to sell for the amount offered for the purchase of your objects in gold or silver. You can make a loan and repay the extent of its possibilities without major sacrifices. Its objects retrieved later have the possibility to contract a new loan if you sale it you lose a reserve of value that could always turn to if necessary.

These days it is essential to always have a possibility to get credit fast, effective, without having to beg.Free from Fees and Expenses. During the term of the loans, borrowers are free of commission charges.